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I'm Back!

In real estate, that is.
Posted: July 15, 2018 by Ninah Hunter

It's been a while since I've been actively blogging about real estate, and that's because last October, I "retired" after 4 years in the mortgage loan origination business, and that was after 10 years in the real estate business, including a stint as a broker-owner of a Century 21 office during the height of the recession.  However, during my 9 months of retirement, my first love, real estate, kept calling.  So, this month, I reactivated my real estate license and joined Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties.   

Don't get me wrong, retirement was fun.  I've never been bored with time off.  It was great having no agenda, no commitments, and just, basically, leading a life by stream-of-consciousness, jumping from one activity or project to another as the thought and notion crossed my mind.   I dabbled in e-commerce, stock trading, followed cryptocurrency trends and invested a bit to learn more about it, and still kept up on the real estate scene.  I played music, hiked, camped, traveled, worked out with Team Beach Body online, caught up on neglected projects around the house, started an Airbnb business renting out a room in my home in Ridgway (which has been great, by the way), got appointed to the Ridgway Town Council (which has also been great), read lots, and overwhelmed myself with email subscriptions and news alerts. I'm working on minimizing that now!

Throughout my retirement, and even during the 4 years in lending, people kept coming to me with real estate questions and needs, still thinking of me as a real estate professional.  Many lamented I was out of the business.   I had to refer away those who were actually ready to buy or sell to active real estate brokers.  Working with them on a very limited basis reminded me how much I enjoyed real estate--and was, quite honestly, darn good at it.  So, rather than continue to give away business and ignore that which really motivates and makes me happy, I decided to return to real estate.  As someone recently commented to me, Realtors really never retire.  I can now agree to that.

So, here I am, ready to relaunch my real estate career and resume my participation in this great Montrose area real estate community.  I will work primarily remotely from home, popping into the office in Montrose or Ridgway, as needed.  I am very techy and mobile.  I absolutely love where I live and sharing my extensive knowledge of this area and my real estate expertise with friends, visitors, colleagues, and clients alike.  So, bring it on!  I am ready, recharged, fired up, excited, and very happy to be back, especially with Coldwell Distinctive Properties!


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